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Ed Fay

A Message from Ed Fay, Founder, Fay Servicing

Throughout my career, I have always believed that it is possible for a company to do well while also doing good. Back when we first started the company, I was determined to build an organization that recognized the importance of giving back to the community and from day one, we made philanthropy a centerpiece of the firm’s culture and spirit. I think one of the reasons our charitable efforts have been so successful is because helping others is a fundamental part of our mission as a company.

Even in our first year of operations in 2008, before we turned a profit and when there were just a handful of us working from a small office, we held a food drive around the holiday season. I was struck by how excited our employees were about helping others and equally impressed by the dedication of our team to try to make a difference for others. While I had hoped there would be some interest, I truly did not expect the outpouring of support for our charitable efforts during those early days. Our staff went far beyond just bringing in canned goods. They took the initiative to set up onsite events, collect food, pack supplies, and deliver them to different organizations in our area. It was amazing to see and wonderful to be a part of. 

Photo of volunteers packing stuff

Once we realized that this outpouring of support was not fleeting, we decided to establish the Fay-Constructive Foundation to manage all of our philanthropic endeavors and initiated a payroll deduction plan so individuals could give every pay period to continue the Foundation’s growth. Our giving is local and throughout each year, we direct our focus on four main areas: improving access to education, supporting first responders and former active duty military personnel, providing tools and supplies to school-aged children, and fighting hunger and food inequality. From our annual backpack drive and annual holiday food drive, our employees have shown the size of their hearts and compassion for others by giving and sharing. 

Company office lounge

Our Story

We established the Fay-Constructive Foundation to support charitable organizations in our areas. I am really proud of all of our employees for their generosity in helping to fund our foundation and, by extension, our efforts to help others. We have a great team, and our folks never fail to show themselves to be kind and caring people.

Because our giving is generally local to the cities where we have offices, the Foundation also takes suggestions from employees about local groups that might need our help. That’s how we came to support Guitars Over Guns, an amazing group that works to get kids involved with music and keep them off the streets. And in 2020, during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to support frontline personnel and those most affected by the crisis, but do it locally and so we donated money to RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago, Meals on Wheels, and foodbanks in Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas – four states in which we have offices. 

Back of a group of volunteers

Since 2008, we have donated over $650,000 to dozens of charities that have helped thousands of people and I am extremely proud of the support and commitment of everyone on our team. The level of giving and the overall participation are incredible statements about our culture, and the individuals who work at Fay. We have a great group of people and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish with this Foundation in the future.

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